May 10, 2012

Active Directory: Handle Suffixes in a User’s Last Name?


So I’ve never come across this before. We have two users on our network that are related and share the same first and last names. Our username naming policy dictates the younger user will have his middle initial used to distinguish usernames but I have a question related more on the display and storage of attributes.

How do you handle the storage of suffixes such as Jr., III, etc.? Do you simply append them to the last name or is there a different attribute designed to handle this information?

I’m just not sure on best practice or common convention here.


Asked by Brent Pabst


The Active Directory Schema defines an attribute Generation-Qualifier for exactly this purpose.

Your employer may decide to include the suffix string in other attributes such as Canonical-Name, Sam-Account-Name, User-Principal-Name. You may even make modifications to the Configuration partition to “automate” such inclusions, but that is outside the scope of your question. See Default full name format in Active Directory for an example.

Answered by jscott

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