Aug 24, 2011

Automatically Zip/Manage SQL Server 2005 backups


Is there a nice way to have SQL Server 2005 run nightly backups that are automatically zipped with only the last n backups kept?

I know the agent can perform nightly backups, but I think the tricky part of this question would be the zipping up and removing very old backups



After the SQL backup we run another task to run a batch file to zip the files and copy these onto a NAS. We keep the last 3 backups – the basic script looks something like:

zip -rq d:northwind northwind.BAK
REM - do the local copy to the NAS
move/y \ \
move/y \ \
copy \

(I’ve edited the script to only show 1 database). At the end of the script we call a Python script to send an email that tells us how big the backup files were and date they were created. You could easily use a WSH script instead. I think that the “if errorlevel…” instruction might have been added because the SQL agent doesn’t always detect if the batch file completed or not?

if errorlevel 1 goto weakspace
goto end
REM - error occured

One of our servers uses winrar instead of zip to compress the files (it has a command prompt). Once a month last night’s backups are copied into an archive that’s kept for six months, but you could easily create another batch file to run once a week to maintain backups of last Sunday, 2 Sundays ago and 3 Sundays ago.

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