Aug 30, 2011

Best OS for Xen Dom0 – have had problems with CentOS and OpenSUSE for Xen


I used the No Starch Press “Book of Xen” as a starting point to learn more about Xen and begin a dom0 installation as described therein. Through failed installations and subsequent searches I learned that Red Hat / CentOS no longer supports Xen in favor of KVM. After playing with OpenSUSE I’m running into silliness there too – so –

Rather than continuing to pull out my hair I thought I’d do what I should have done to begin and ask for recommendations on the lightest weight and simplest installation for a Xen Dom0 installation – based on current kernels…


BTW – My intention is to run Win2k8 and RHE for DomU.


Did you install a Xen specific kernel (kernel-xen)? Although Red Hat / CentOS don’t include a Xen-specific kernel by default, you should still be able to install the kernel-xen and xen packages to get the base install. HowToForge has a good walkthrough for setting Xen up with CentOS: ; Dom0 kernel support info in more detail is also available here:

But as for the simplest installation, have you considered Citrix XenServer? It’s a commercialized version, and is still available for free. Pay versions do exist that get you more features and support, but if you’re looking for both simple and free just to get up and running, I’d say give it a look:

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