Aug 24, 2011

Case Fan Speed – Control via BIOS, Vista, or otherwise?


I just bought a replacement case fan (link to Tiger Direct here) and the fan seems to be working great, but unfortunately I was under the impression this fan had speed control. I have checked my BIOS and I can see “SYS FAN 1 SPEED” although it is read-only. Is it possible for me (using Vista) to control the speed of a case fan connected to the motherboard?


Look at Wiki – Fan Control

Fan Types:
Common cooling fans will have either two, three, or four pins on the connector.

Two-pin fans operate either as an on/off fan, or can be controlled by varying the voltage.
Three-pin fans add a tachometer reporting wire so the controlling system can measure the actual speed.
Four-pin fans add a fourth wire to control fan speed using PWM (Pulse-width modulation.)

4-pin connector enables fan speed control. 3-pin connector just enable fan speed sensing. The one you’ve got is unfortunatelly with a 3-Pin connector.

You need something like this ZALMAN FAN MATE 2 Fan Controller to control the speed.

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