Aug 9, 2011

Free alternative to NI Real-Time Hypervisor?


Is there an free alternative to National Instruments’ NI Real-Time Hypervisor? National Instruments provides both a Windows and Linux versions.


I’m not sure what you’re looking to accomplish, but it sounds like a mix of wanting a realtime OS, CPU shielding/affinity and a standard Linux or Windows userspace for development; all on standard hardware.

On the Linux side, this can definitely be accomplished with a realtime OS like RedHat MRG Realtime (commercial), Scientific Linux Realtime (Free) or SuSE’s realtime offering (commercial).

That gets you a realtime kernel and OS. If you need to run specific tasks on a specific CPU or CPUs, you can use CPU shielding techniques to perhaps, create a group of CPUs for the OS and another group reserved for your realtime application execution.

Usually realtime and virtualization don’t go hand-in-hand. The operating systems listed above provide extremely granular control over processes, scheduling, priority and interrupt handling.

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