Apr 27, 2012

How do I manually create the _msdcs DNS zone for a domain that was created pre S2K3?


I have a forest, lets call it contoso.com. I also have 3 subdomains, a.contoso.com, b.contoso.com, and c.contoso.com. The original forest, contoso.com, was created before server 2003, and may have been a Windows NT domain at some point, but I havent been here that long. Anyway, because it was created pre server 2003, I do not have an _msdcs.contoso.com zone in DNS.

In other forests that I have worked in that were created with server 2003, there is a seperate zone for _msdcs. I followed this KB article to manually create the _msdcs zone for contoso.com and once I did a repadmin /syncall, it got populated. If you look in this KB under case 2 (which I believe describes me) step 4 is “Delete the old _msdcs subdomain.” Does this mean that I should delet the folder _msdcs that is under caontoso.com now that i have a zone called _msdcs.contoso.com? Also, the 3 subdomains that I created using Server 2008 also do not have _msdcs zones. Should I repeat this process for each subdomain?

Asked by TonyD


If the “folder” you see under the domain zone is grey, and not looking like the others, then its not a separate instance of the _msdcs zone. It is a zone delegation, meaning that “everything under this sub domain is managed as a zone itself”.

Don’t delete anything.

Everything is just as its supposed to be if you’ve followed the How-to article up until this step, given that “_msdcs.contoso.com” did not previously exist.

Be sure to restart the Netlogon services on all DC’s when the zone has been replicated to them. This forces the DC’s to register their SRV records in the _msdcs zone

Answered by Mathias R. Jessen

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