May 12, 2012

How do i open the RDP port in Linux?


I have a MacBook and i want to connect to a remote Windows machine, which is connected to a Linux Server.
When i’m at my locally there in the network, i use the to connect to the windows machine.

Now i want to do the same from home. The Windows machine is not connected to the internet.

The magic word is ssh Tunnel. So far so good. But i’m not quiet able to manage it.
I think the problem is with the port on the linux machine.
How do i open the RDP port on the Server ? ( given the permissions )

Asked by fragant1996


From your Mac, you will need to open an SSH tunnel. This assumes that you have SSH access to the Linux server at work and a valid user account on that Linux server.

In a window on your Mac, something like:

sudo ssh -L 3389:windows_internal_IP:3389 username@linux_external_IP

Where windows_internal_IP is the internal IP that you use to access the Windows system at work and linux_external_IP is the internet-facing IP address of the Linux server. username is your user name on the Linux system.

If that connection is successful, you’ll be able open your Mac’s Remote Desktop client and connect to

Answered by ewwhite

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