Aug 24, 2011

How to write a dos batch script to create a folder structure?


I would like to be able to have a dos batch script that I could utilize to create a specific folder structure below what ever directory I may be in at any given time.

The specific folder structure that I need is:

[Directory:] _Documentation

[Directory:] _ProjectManagement

[Directory:] Releases

[Directory:] Source

[Directory:] Source -> Trunk

[Directory:] Source -> Trunk -> Library

[Directory:] Source -> Trunk -> Projects

[Directory:] Source -> Trunk -> Tests


Erm…is this a trick question, it looks kinda straightforward? if not then perhaps try the following in a batchfile somewhere in your path;

md _Documentation
md _ProjectManagement
md Releases
md Source
md SourceTrunk
md SourceTrunkLibrary
md SourceTrunkProjects
md SourceTrunkTests

Best of luck.

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