Aug 11, 2011

Install Active Directory on Windows Server 2008 R2 for CRM 2011?


I have just set up a VM for Windows Server 2008 R2 and want to install Microsoft CRM 2011 to play around with it. CRM 2011 seems to require Active Directory to be configured and running on the server.

I’ve never gotten involved with Active Directory and I know that I need to install it and get it going for the CRM 2011 to continue. Does anyone have any quick pointers and/or resources for someone with no Active Directory experience, so that I can get CRM 2011 installed?

UPDATE 03/22/11: Thank you for the answers and suggestions. After weeks of trying to get Windows 2008 Server R2 installed, and Active Directory installed WITHOUT a myriad of warnings and errors in the event log, which have lead me on nothing but chasing down error after error with the install, I have given up. Its quite sad that one can not install a fresh OS from DVD media downloaded from MSDN without tons of errors and warnings and then to introduce Active Directory which adds even more errors and warnings. Very sad that Microsoft releases these products knowing full well that they do not integrate well. I am not a network guy or an “OS guy” but I have been developing software for decades and to not be able to install an OS so that I can begin development is just boggling my mind. Things have become way too complicated for our own good.


I don’t have any experience with CRM 2011, but if all you need is an Active Directory domain controller up and running in your VM, the short answer is: add the “Active Directory Domain Services” role to your server, then run dcpromo from the command line and follow the wizard to create a new domain. For creating a new domain with no migration or legacy structure, this is pretty painless.

A couple of useful reference links:

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