Feb 15, 2012

Installing FreeBSD remotely using Ubuntu LiveCD


I realised this is a very specific question, but I am wondering if there is a way to install FreeBSD on a machine using only SSH access to a Ubuntu LiveCD on the server?

Asked by Prisoner


Yes, You Can! (But it’s entirely unsupported and may cause your hair to fall out, arms to grow out of the top of your head, and other hideous mutations!)

The particular disgusting hackery you’re looking for is called The Depenguinator, but be warned: It’s 4 years old, and potentially suffering from serious bit rot. If you discover and fix said bit rot I’m sure the author would be happy to accept patches.

If you’re not married to an Ubuntu LiveCD a better option would be to use a FreeBSD LiveCD (Like Freesbie) — I know you can run sysinstall from these CDs to produce a working system, and while I haven’t tested it I assume you can run the new 9.0 installer without trouble.
This too isn’t officially supported, but it’s much less likely to cause hideous mutations.

Answered by voretaq7

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