Mar 12, 2012

Installing hamachi v1 on centos 6 64 bits


I’m running into some issues trying to install hamachi v1 on a centos 6 64 bits server. I know that version is pretty old, but I need it to connect to a windows server which I don’t have control on and only has hamachi v1 installed on it, and since it seems that the v1 and v2 networks are incompatible, I don’t have much choice. I didn’t know this however and installed v2 on the server first from here, which had no problems at all but of course couldn’t connect to the network I wanted.

Anyway, as I read somewhere that centos has support for both 32 and 64 bits binaries, I thought that I could follow this guide to have it running. However, even when I can compile tuncfg and make install seems to work without problems, hamachi doesn’t work at all. Running the commands hamachi or hamachi-init gives me nothing at all: no output and no error messages.

Thanks in advance.

Asked by eveevans


You can download and install the beta for hamachi v2 from here:

The 64 bits rpm package runs pretty well on centos 6, and I just tested it and seems to connect to v1 clients without problems.

Answered by rabusmar

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