Dec 9, 2011

Moving primary domain controller to new server


I have just purchased a new server that will be the new primary domain controller. I was wondering if anyone knew any articles or tutorials on how to do this change over? I would imagine it is just simply setting up the role and importing a backup of the Active Directory from the old domain controller. I just want to make sure I’m not missing any crucial tasks in between.


  • Add new computer to domain
  • Promote system to a domain controller (dcpromo)
  • Transfer FSMO roles
  • Verify/Make the new system a Global Catalog.
  • Wait some time for replication to take place. Run dcdiag/repadmin and so on to make sure everything transferred
  • Demote old system (dcpromo)
  • Double check DNS zones & AD to make sure old system was removed.

Migrate any other data or services as needed.

Of course you could leave the old system up so you have another spare DC.

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