Aug 15, 2011

Need Help regarding nagios plugin


i want to install nagios plugin check_logfiles

Now the installation step says that

After unpacking the tar-archive you have to call ./configure. With ./configure –help you can show the options if you want to modify the default settings. However, these settings can later be overridden again by variables in the config file.

Now i am confused that whether i have to do that on monitoring host or remote host for which i want to check log file. please help


Installation of nagios plug-ins take place on the nagios server. It is not clear from your link how to process remote logs with the plug-in, however.

Oh wait, it mentioned being called from check_nrpe – and nrpe is a method of executing remote checks. So it seems that you compile this plug-in on your remote server (the one containing the logs) and it gets executed from the nrpe daemon on that host. See the sourceforce PDF on NRPE.

First, get nrpe working between your nagios server and your host. Then try and get this plug-in working on your host.

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