Aug 18, 2011

Resources for a new SysAdmin? (Emphasis on Windows SBS, Exchange, networking and general SysAdmin info)


I’ve recently taken over management of a Windows 2003 Small Business Server and network for a small, less than ten person company.

I have some (antiquated) sysadmin experience, but I’ve little experience with Exchange.

The documentation of the existing infrastructure leaves much to be desired, and I was wondering if there’s any sort of “So you’ve just become sysadmin” guides that anyone could recommend.


Really, just hang in the community of SysAdmins and let the goodness rub off and the badness roll off. Read blogs, hang on forums, don’t be afraid to ask questions and let the flames burn the dross off (should any come your way… which I hope not).

I’ll give you some pointers to groups and resources I like:

  • SysAdmin Network (A little slow, but there are helpful, friendly people over there that perk to life when good questions are asked)
  • Petri Forums and site (Microsoft centered, great forums, a few SBS MVPs over there)
  • ServerFault (duh)
  • has great video training if you have a budget that can afford it.
    Google! It is your best friend. It makes people think I’m smart. Ask Google. He/She/It will tell you.

BTW, when you go to a forum, just make sure you read and understand How to Ask a Question the Smart Way. I review that once in a while for myself.

As for your specific Exchange concerns, is decent and has a message board. Experts-Exchange (yes, I muttered that evil entity’s name — and yes, you can get a truly free account in spite of their filthy, filthy lies) has some good Exchange gurus on it.

If you plan on staying a SysAdmin or furthering your responsibilities, read two books. If you only ever read two books on this profession, these are the two:

Finally, keep your head up and stay positive. It can get kinda depressing with the demands, expectations and your own colleagues. Find good people to hang around and shun the burdensome ones if they refuse to lighten up.

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