Aug 14, 2011

Samba share cannot be accessed from windows PC on a different subnet


I have set up a linux (CentOS 5) box with a samba share on a large network. The network has 2 subnets, one on 192.168/16 and one on 172.18/16. The server lives on the 172.18/16 subnet.

I can ping the server from client Windows XP workstations on both subnets.

When I open the list of workgroup computers, I can see my new server in the list of Workgroup machines from Windows XP client workstations on both subnets.

However, I can access the share from workstations on the same subnet, but when I try to access it from workstations on the other subnet I get a message saying either:

o Windows cannot find the specified resource, or
o Access to this network resource has been disallowed.

I have had a look at the smb.conf file, and there is nothing obvious that would be causing a problem.

What am I doing wrong?


The problem turned out to be DNS (which is fairly embarassing to be honest). The 172.18/16 half of the network was fine, but the 192.168/16 half of the network couldn’t get to the share because it couldn’t resolve the name of the server. When we tried going in via the IP address it worked fine.

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