Aug 19, 2011

SQL Server 2008: Can’t remotely connect via management studio yet can telnet in OK. All settings appear OK


I am in the process of trying to configure SQL Server 2008 to accept remote connections. I have been through all the documentation I can find and yet when I attempt to connect through management studio I get an error stating that the server could not be found.

Interestingly I can connect through telnet to the remote server via the port that sql server is listening on. In the SQL Server logs I can see the connection attempt. So SQL Server is up and running and listening on the correct port – no firewall blocking it.

It would appear that by default SQL Server is listening on port 50314 but management studio attempts to connect on port 1433. Weird.

Server Management Studio = no dice.

Anyone got any ideas? Server is set to allow remote connections – TCP IP is enabled, firewall is off.



If SQL is not listening on port 1433 then you either have to either

  • Specify the port in your SSMS connection (your servername and port number separated by a comma)

    “Server Name: mysqlserver,50314”


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