Aug 9, 2011

Squid + windows active directory Authentication + Dansguardian


I have to configure squid authentication + dansguardian web filtering on ubuntu server. Can anyone please tell me how to do it.

I can configure squid transparent mode & dansguardian. But I do not know how to configure squid authentication and making users to get authenticated to browse.

The authentication is to be done with microsoft windows active directory. Can anyone please help me.


This depends on what you’re authenticating against. For example, I once got squid to authenticate against a Mac OS X Open Directory server (effectively LDAP).

A few tips to get you started:

  • Transparent proxying and authenticated proxying are mutually exclusive. You can have either one, but not both.
  • Look for squid.conf on your Ubuntu server. That is what you’ll have to edit in order to make the authentication lookups against your LDAP (or NTLM or …) server.
  • Figure out how to get your proxy’s IP (or FQDN) and port into your workstations. If there are very few, you can manually configure them. Windows and Mac OS X can be configured with Group Policies and Workgroup Manager (a.k.a. MCX).
  • Once Squid has authentication, it will pass that through DansGuardian. No additional configuration in DansGuardian should be necessary.
  • Check this web page for lots of details:

Hope that helps!

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