Aug 22, 2011

SyncToy alternative for Windows 7 – synchronise folder with network drive


I have a Windows 7 laptop, which I want to back up to a network folder.
There is a drive (partition) on my laptop machine that I want to backup to a network
drive. If I delete a file in the folder on my laptop, it should also be deleted from the backup…

I used to use SyncToy, however I understand this does not work correctly with Windows 7 – at least not with a large number of files.

Are there any alternatives?


And this is why there will always be robocopy. In fact, robocopy is so commonly used that it has been included by default in all versions of Windows since Vista.

I’ve used robocopy since it first appeared in the first Windows NT Resource Kit, and it has never failed me, even with a huge number of files.

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