Feb 6, 2012

The importance of ECC memory


Are ECC memory modules important to have on a non-critical server?

I was thinking about getting myself a toy dedicated server for lots of random, non-critical stuff. Sporadic reboots are no big deal. I’m looking at one provider but the prices are insanely cheap. Their hardware sounds like a joke for any any serious server box: desktop processors, non-ECC RAM, no-name chassis, no hotswap SATA HDD, etc. (well, the price justifies it, I guess).

I take ECC memory for granted on any “serious” server, so I’m wondering if it’s a big deal or not for “toy” appliances.

Asked by PJK


Data published by CERN IT staff (Data Integrity) would suggest that the amount of errors that comes from RAM is quite low. You still have to weight your data and the cost of hardware.

You can read a bit more about this at StorageMojo.

Answered by Hubert Kario

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