May 2, 2012

The instance created from EBS snapshot fails to launch


I was working on the mirroring of an EC2 instance. I followed these steps

  1. create an image(AMI) of the instance you would like to mirror
  2. Launch an instance out of the image
  3. ssh into the new instance and launch the processes

The new instance worked like a charm.

I also tried the another method.

  1. Create a snapshot of an instance
  2. Create an image from snapshot
  3. Try and launch the instance from the image.

But somehow the server is not getting set up properly and it fails the status checks built in Amazon console. I need to figure out the reason as it may be critical at some point to be able to launch a server from the snapshot.

Asked by n/a


The most common cause of the scenario you describe is a failure to specify the correct kernel (AKI) when registering the snapshot as an AMI.

Compare the AKI of the AMI that works with the AKI of the AMI that does not work.

Answered by Eric Hammond

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