Aug 11, 2011

TightVNC to an Ubuntu desktop on EC2: the letter d doesn’t appear when typed in Terminal


I followed this article and I have the desktop running on Ubuntu on an EC2 instance and I can connect to it from TightVNC. When I try to use Terminal, when I type certain characters, they seems to get lost. For example, I can type passw but the when I try to type d that character doesn’t appear. If I then press Enter, the Terminal window minimizes. I can’t type the character d at all. All other letters & numbers are fine. How can I fix this?

BTW, I’m using Bash in Terminal. Everything works when I SSH into the instance using PuTTY. It’s only when I use a Terminal instance from TightVNC that this problem occurs.


Not exactly and answer but VNC is a mess. I suggest you migrate to NX. Its faster and uses ssh by default. I use FreeNX on Ubuntu on EC2.

edit: I was able to replicate this bug.

Possible solutions:

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