Aug 23, 2011

Use an SD Card for your Page File – Windows 7


I am using Windows 7 RC and wanted to know if it was possible to use an SD card ( I have a slot for it in my laptop) to hold the page file.

When I try to change my virtual memory settings, it doesn’t list the drive as available to use.


The SD card would be classed as a removable device, which would explain why it’s not usable to hold the page file (removing the SD would mean a bunch of memory space just disappeared from underneath the kernel — and (most*) kernels generally don’t like that much).

You might get some use out of the SD card as a ReadyBoost device, assuming you can convince Windows to use it.

Sidenote: I’m aware some kernels can cope with memory disappearing — they usually need to be told the memory is going to go first.

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