Mar 29, 2012

Use number of downloaded file in wget as variable in bash script


Can I get the number of downloaded files with wget -r and use that as a variable? I want to write a script that runs multiple wget commands in it (using -q so i can control output) and then at the end, add up the number of downloaded files and echo that to the user. Is this possible?

Asked by E Steven


To build on Jed’s suggestion and take it the rest of the way, you could do something like this:

MY_VARIABLE=$(wget -r http://foo 2>&1 | grep -c 'saved')

Or, if you wanted to go a touch more complicated, but more reliable and robust, you could pull out the download count given as the summary by wget:

MY_VARIABLE=$(wget -r -nv http://foo 2>&1 | awk '/^Downloaded:/ {print $2}')

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