Aug 23, 2011

Vista Mini setup Drivers


I have created an answer file however whenever I run sysprep the video adapter driver keeps being removed and a basic one put on. The sysprep all works and the mini setup is automated to the point where I need to login and reinstall the video driver. There are so many options I am assuming that there is a way to add a little ol video driver considering the options in WSIM. Has anybody come across a similar issue that knows where to find the options for the drivers in the minisetup (answer file).


I found a solution that worked online. This is not my answer but it worked for me.
The fix is to add Microsoft Windows Pnpsysprep_6.0 to pass 3 and under the setting PersistAllDeviceInstalls set this to True.
I tested this after I made this setting to the answerfile and it worked a treat.

Farseeker, thanks for you respnse.

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