Aug 22, 2011

What cool visualization should I use for our server’s status monitor?


So we have this company server standing in the corner of our office. It is connected to an LCD monitor hanging on the wall we occassionally use to check whether the backups did what they should.

The question is: what cool visualization thing could be run the rest of the time to deeply impress customers visiting us? The server is running on Debian 4.0. A cool whatever running on the console would be preferred as there’s no window manager installed currently.

Things I thought about: Twitter feeds, Nagios visualization, global network status, news (from google news or whatever)… main criteria: it has to look cool.

Thanks for your ideas!


If you’re not concerned about disclosing IP addresses have a look at EtherApe – it doesn’t give you a lot info like zabbix but looks really nice: EtherApe screenshot

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