May 1, 2012

what is the equivalent rewrite rule in nginx


I was having this rewrite rule in Apache2

RewriteRule country/usa[/]*$            /en/country/united-states [L,R=301,NC]

I have tried to build an equivalent rewrite rule in nginx like this

server {
rewrite ^country/usa[/]*$     /en/country/united-states last;
#the remaining of the virtual host

but this didn’t work 🙁 any idea of how to do this?
Thanks for your help

Asked by Alaa Alomari


Something similar to the code below should do the work:

server {
    rewrite ^/country/usa$ /en/country/united-states permanent;

This will redirect only /country/usa and /country/usa/ with a 301 Moved Permanently status. The other way option is

server {
    rewrite ^/country/usa([/])?(.*)$ /en/country/united-states/$2 permanent;

which will redirect everything after and including /country/usa to the new location.
For example /country/usa/testing will go to /en/country/united-states/testing.

Answered by tftd

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