Apr 4, 2012

Windows 7 / Terminal Services RemoteApp


Please, show me a way to set up Windows 7 machine to use only one app (internet explorer) to access remotely from another machine – similar to TS RemoteApp, which is only for Windows Server platforms as I understand…

Asked by Mr. BeatMasta


As long as you are using a desktop version of Windows 7 which has Remote Desktop (non-home version) you can make a couple of changes in the registry and the .rdp file to enable RemoteApp. You do not need to use Windows Server. I do this on my HTPC which runs Windows 7 Ultimate.

It’s a little too involved for me to summarise the process here, so here is a link to where I first learnt how to do this, and here is tool, which I just found out about, which make it much easier.

RemoteApp Tool

Answered by paradroid

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